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1- Chilled Water

Chilled Water

Chilled water System is using refrigerant to deep cooling water & use water to cool the air through air side machines (FCU, AHU). It is not using refrigerant direct to cool air like other DX systems.

Types of Chilled Water

Air Cooled – Chilled Water System
Water Cooled – Chilled Water System

Components of System

Cooling Tower (In Case Water Cooled)
Chilled Water Piping
Accessories (Air Separator, Chemical Dosing)

Where to use:

For High Capacities 500 TR & Higher
For Variable Heat Load
For Industrial Areas
For Big Commercial buildings
For High Rise Buildings

2- Direct Expansion DX

Direct Expansion DX

DX system is using refrigeration cycle to cool the air & push the air direct to air-conditioned areas. It uses 1 outdoor unit connected by copper piping to 1 indoor unit.

Types of Direct Expansion DX

Split Type
Package Type


has various shapes of machines, for example:
Hi.Wall Split
Free stand
Concealed (FCU)
Central Split

Package Unit

has various shapes of ac machines, for example:
  • Window
  • Roof Top & Horizontal – Package AC Unit
  • Dx Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Components of Package Unit

  • Compressor
  • Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser

Where to use

  • For Low & Medium Capacities 0-500 TR
  • For separate areas
  • For residential & commercial small & medium building
  • For Low Rise Buildings



VRF system is similar to DX system but as big as chilled water system. It has just 1 combination of outdoor could supply & feed refrigerant to multiple indoor units or AHUs. It uses copper piping network to connect this just 1 outdoor or its combination to multiple indoor units with various shapes


It has only 1 type air cooled VRF outdoors connected to multiple indoor or AHUs

Components of VRF

Outdoor Condensing units
Piping network
Control Loops
Indoor units

Where to use

  • For High Capacities 500 TR & Higher
  • For LEED Building
  • For Low Power Consumption
  • For Variable Heat Load
  • For Industrial Areas
  • For Big Commercial buildings
  • For Very High-Rise Buildings

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